Below are some of the reviews and comments regarding my work, received from awesome people I was privileged to collaborate with.
Martina Tararuj / KONCEPTBRAND
Marek is a great designer, passionate about the technical aspect of work. He understands and works with a strategic approach. He can work at an excellent level without supervision, fully understands client feedback. 
Marek works with us at KONCEPTBRAND GLOBAL, in relation to a new technology strategy project (robotic sector), therefore this was a great design challenge, and he managed to deliver ideas and extended technical brand book with high detail specifications. I highly recommend Marek, and for sure we will want to continue our cooperation in the future at different strategic / design projects. 
Matthew Cauble / MANUP
I can already see the race car and cowboy motif on a billboard.
Overall, this is amazing and I love it!
Thank you for putting your all into it and making something great. I’m very happy.
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