Below are some of the reviews and comments regarding my work, received from the awesome people I was privileged to collaborate with.
Martina Tararuj / KONCEPTBRAND
Marek is a great designer, passionate about the technical aspect of work. He understands and works with a strategic approach. He can work at an excellent level without supervision, fully understands client feedback. 
Marek works with us at KONCEPTBRAND GLOBAL, in relation to a new technology strategy project (robotic sector), therefore this was a great design challenge, and he managed to deliver ideas and extended technical brand book with high detail specifications. I highly recommend Marek, and for sure we will want to continue our cooperation in the future at different strategic / design projects. 
Matthew Cauble / MANUP
I can already see the race car and cowboy motif on a billboard.
Overall, this is amazing and I love it!
Thank you for putting your all into it and making something great. I’m very happy.
I have had the pleasure to work with Marek for over a dozen years. Starting from the projects we collaborated on at Maspex, to the current projects that Marek Creates for the Gaminate brand.
My experience could be summarized in a few points:
1. Taste - either you have it or you don’t. Simple and true. Marek has it.
2. The quality of work. Usually, it takes very few or no revisions at all to reach the best possible result in the design process
3. Reliability. Never has the printed packaging turned out to look worse compared to the CGI visualization. It’s quite opposite. 
4. Proactivity and attention to detail during the brief and debrief.
5. Creativity in the proper sense of the word - new ideas or changes always lead to improvement in the context of the brief and its goals.
6. The awareness of the sale process.
One of the last projects that Marek designed for me is the Gaminate packaging line. The project was featured on Behance and Packagings of the World.

Eric Barnes / KOR WATER
Amazing, amazing work on Devi images again. I’ll be coming back to you with another project :)
Marek is a true branding expert. Focused on strategy and thinking of all communication components, all the details that make up the brand’s universe. I had the pleasure of working with him on the rebranding process of eSky (Europe) and eDestinos (Latin America) brands. The process was successfully concluded in a refreshed and cohesive form of visual communication working effectively across several dozens of international markets. 
Marek has a positive and rational attitude to work. He is a capable digital designer, open to knowledge, new projects with a well-chosen package of arguments for and against. Always specific and to the point.
Małgorzata Grabowska / ALTIMA CONSULTING GROUP
Hereby we attest that Marek Jagusiak had been collaborating with Altima Consulting Group in relation to a training program called Communal Energy Map. Mr. Marek Jagusiak was responsible for developing a system of visual identification, preparing the graphic design of the website, and designing promotional gadgets.
Altima Consulting Group recommends Mr. Marek Jagusiak as an employee with high substantive potential. The author has shown creativity, experience, and professionalism. The designs developed by him were of excellent quality, completed on time, and fully met our expectations.
Patryk Swoboda / PLANERGIA
In 2012 and 2013, Planergia conducted extensive cooperation with Mr. Marek Jagusiak in the scope of creating the visual branding, web design of the platform for the energy-saving technology sector,  and developing promotional materials.
At every stage of our cooperation, Mr. Jagusiak showed full professionalism by preparing solutions of the highest quality, which were very positively assessed not only by us, as a client, but also by the great majority of the portal's recipients.
Based on our experience, we recommend Mr. Jagusiak as a high-class specialist in the field of graphic design services, who apart from creativity and technical skills, guarantees the client communication skills, ability to work in a team, and reliability.
We are pleased to recommend Mr. Marek Jagusiak, who has performed graphic designs for _Brantt agency, as a trustworthy partner and a creative professional.
Mark proved to be a high-ranking professional with extensive experience in designing both comprehensive identification systems and individual marketing materials.
He created modern projects that fully corresponded to requirements specified by our customers.
Thanks to his extensive knowledge, flexibility, and ingenuity, it was possible to achieve extraordinary results that met with very good reception of works among the target groups to which the projects were dedicated.
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