Hopfest is a premium craft beer line that comprises four styles: American Pale Ale, Irish Red Ale, Belgian Blond Ale, and Foreign Extra Stout. The intricate design of these vintage-looking labels was inspired by the Arts & Craft movement established in the late 1800s to promote a hand-made approach in many branches of the industry. This approach reflects the passion of artisans who create unique beer recipes of the best quality.
The primary goal of this design was to express the top quality of the product and make it stand out in the fierce competition of other craft beer brands. Every single detail of the graphic design was carefully executed. The custom lettering of the brand, custom-type design, and intricate illustrations come together as coherent piece of art. 
The bottle design itself is one of a kind. It features a Grolsch-style swing top wire cap and a unique ledge on the bottom, which makes it feel comfortable and safe to hold in your hand even if the bottle is wet and slippery.
Brand design / naming / label design / bottle design / product visualization including: 3D modeling, shading & rendering/ post-production / custom lettering / custom type / illustrations
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