Some of the best vodka distilleries are based in Poland. You can name quite a few Polish brands that customers across the world are familiar with - Belvedere, Chopin, Wyborowa, Sobieski, or Luksusowa.
Oak Vodka (pol. Wódka Dębowa) however, may not be as successful abroad as its competitors yet, but it certainly has the potential to carve itself a piece of the global market pie. One of the obstacles to conquering the world’s bartender shelves was quite a poor packaging design. I tried to change that and present an improved packaging concept design that could work as an export variation of Oak Vodka.​​​​​​​
Create a packaging design elevating the position of the brand in foreign markets. Break away from an outdated product look and introduce a new form combining traditional values with a sleek, appealing design.
Illustrations / bottle design concept / shell design concept / product visualization including: 3D modeling, shading & rendering/ post-production
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